Weenie Wednesday: Cold Snap

Haaaa, how does a week go by without me noticing? First of all, it went from pleasant fall weather to ice in my face in about 30 minutes on Monday. Conrad got groomed when it was nice outside; I managed to ride, too, and then as I was leaving the barn winter blew in. Forcefully.

Conrad sometimes must think that maybe the weather out the front door is different than the weather out the back door. We’ll walk out the back door into bleak icy wet blackness, and he just backs right up, back into the house. Then we go out the front door, and he seems so disappointed it’s the same thing.

This cold has been a relief after the summer we had, but does there have to be ice? I actually had to scrape my windshield … in Texas … in November. We had three non-consecutive days of autumn and now we have winter.

Eli’s been fun lately …

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