Weenie Wednesday: I am that dog mom …

Conrad does indeed have a sweater with “mom” on it. Judge me all you want.

Yes … it’s Thursday, not Wednesday. Eli’s shoe situation is throwing me off kilter just a wee bit. I am hoping to have it all resolved by next week — he should get the right front tacked on today — hopefully a different right front with the dental mold & pads but no bar. I keep forgetting to measure Eli for hoof boots so I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to do that today after work. And while his live-in bell boots are still hanging on, I need a back up pair on hand because the current ones are closer to shredded than not. And I probably need some thin pastern wraps for whenever he may be turned out in hoof boots. Anything else I am not thinking of? (He gets a supplement with biotin in it already.)

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