Are We There Yet?

Sunday .. when he still had all four shoes

It’s getting to be pretty close to the time Eli can start jumping again. And he felt pretty much awesome in basically perfect weather on Sunday evening. Yay? Initially, yes. But also not exactly because horses.

We have less than ideal riding weather forecast this week AND Eli tossed his left front in turnout.

damn it

I looked around the paddock he had been in (while being followed around by a very friendly bay who clearly wanted to sit in my lap which was not conducive to me finding a shoe).

found the dental mold stuff that was in between the pad and the sole …

The light was disappearing, but I managed to finally find Eli’s shoe … 20 feet past the gate outside of the paddock. How does a horse do that with a front shoe?

found the shoe in the dark and it looks like it pretty much came off clean, no chunks of hoof attached

The farrier was out briefly last night to work on a different horse, but I had already wrapped up Eli’s foot so I left a check and asked the farrier to get to him when he could this week, no rush … since it’s raining.

hello kitty diaper + hello kitty duct tape but does hello kitty vet wrap exist?

Eli hadn’t ever really thrown a shoe before — maybe once the whole time I’ve owned him. Uncharacteristic of thoroughbred feet, although he makes up for it with other hoof puzzles. But with a bar shoe and the way Eli plays in turnout sometimes? Yeah, I figured this would happen eventually. Luckily the right front shoe stayed on, since that’s his jacked up hoof. And the left front hoof didn’t really get torn up. Small favors, I guess?

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