Almost Ready to Knock Off the Rust

I don’t plan on actually jumping Eli for real until November, but there was a schooling show at the barn over the weekend and the jumps were low and looked so cute. I couldn’t resist pointing him a couple to see how rusty we are. We are a bit rusty, but also a bit enthusiastic. I think Eli misses jumping as much as I do.

One time we thwacked one.

Thwack from patentlybay on Vimeo.

That shifted the little camera, but he picked up his feet the next time.

Playing from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Also, I got a new helmet — not sure how obvious that is from the video. Apparently GPAs are the only ones that fit my head shape both in circumference and at the crown. I am not ready to give up my CO yet, but sadly the Trauma Void pretty consistently gave me a headache on the top of my head that would last a few hours. So it fit at the brim, but not at the top. Even without putting my hair up. I didn’t notice this about the fit until recently, since Eli got injured only a little while after I bought the Trauma Void, so I hadn’t worn it consistently yet.

13 thoughts on “Almost Ready to Knock Off the Rust

  1. One thing I’ve seen a lot of people miss is that the TV comes with 2 liners. The one usually not actually in the helmet when you buy it is geared towards an oval head shape. Once I changed my liner (like 9 months after I got it, so I was on the slow bus to figure this out) it made a ginormous difference.


  2. Eli looks so happy to be jumping!

    I tried both liners in my TV and one very obviously did not fit well. I like the helmet, especially for it’s safety features, but it’s not as good a fit on my head as my previous CO helmets.

    If the TV happens to be a size 7 and you want to sell, let me know. 🙂


  3. Helmets are all so different. Even my different one k’s don’t all fit the same. I have a couple that I think I’m going to have to stop using for the same reason. Squeezing my brain too much. Bummer because they’re pretty!
    Glad you and Eli are starting to think about jumping again! Looks like he’s excited to get back to it!


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