Weenie Wednesday: Alarm Clock

I have had a bit of insomnia this week (I’m blaming the stupid grass fire) and didn’t fall asleep last night until much later than usual. I slept through my alarm. Luckily, I have a dachshund alarm clock as back up, and it meant I only overslept for about 10 minutes.


He sleeps basically all day, just so he can wake me up early in the morning …

10 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Alarm Clock

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  1. My alarms like to get up with the sun. So they start moving around when it gets light out. That also means they glare at me in the fall/winter/early spring when I get up before the sun. Especially when the sun isn’t up until after 7… you should see the death glares I get! I mean, they get up, but not before burrowing under blankets in protest!


  2. we havent set alarms for years. Between my husband waking up at 0 dark thirty and the dogs needing out…no oversleeping for us 🙂

    I would not mind a dachshie alarm clock too though 🙂


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