Endless Summer

Fall is not here, regardless of the equinox. The highs all week are around 100. It has made reconditioning Eli interesting. I am trying to balance getting him in shape against the heat and humidity and guess what’s winning.

Once the equinox hits, the days start losing light, albeit slowly down here in Texas. This means some horses are already growing winter coats. Including Eli. He will most definitely need body clipping again this year. He was pretty normal about it last year, so I am less anxious about the process but not really looking forward to it.

We don’t trot for very long yet. It’s going to take a little more riding to get Eli’s head back up and in front of the vertical.

Shorter days also mean more sunset rides until the time changes, then riding under the lights. Eli gets a bit edgy under the lights but usually gets over it after a few night rides. I do hope this winter is a bit drier than last winter. Last winter was brutal with the rain, and Eli had many difficult days under saddle.

Still obsessed with this Asmar belt purse.

Now that I am back to riding more regularly and have worn the DeNiro Salentos quite a bit … review forthcoming. I like how much more substantial they feel than Parlantis. I need all the foot and ankle support I can get, and these make both feel very stable. I never did well with the squishy Parlanti soles and prefer hard-soled shoes and boots. These have that for sure.

September looks to finish out in the 100s. At least that means I get a little bit more time with Summer Eli who is a much nicer horse to ride than Winter Eli!

6 thoughts on “Endless Summer

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  1. You should be getting our weather! It was like 110 and then suddenly dropped to 88 last Monday. Right now it’s 78 at 10 am, and we’re all scratching our heads. It just doesn’t cool down until the end of October here, usually. The weather has been weird, for sure!
    I’m glad Eli is still doing alright! Hopefully it’ll cool down for him soon. Whisper is growing her winter coat right now, too. And I can’t wait to hear about the boots!


  2. Wow that is HOT! Biasini has a winter coat coming in and today even with our cooler temperatures he was sweating after our lesson. So I had to give him a wash down. He will be clipped in October and again in December before Florida. Good to see Eli is on the road bach though.


  3. The shorter days already have me feeling the sads. It’s dark when I finish my ride on Shiny which is around 7:15. She already looks like buffalo so will definitely need to get clipped sooner than later.
    I suppose the nice part about it being so hot down there is it keeps Eli calmer while he rehabs. Pammon will start rehabbing right as the arctic temps roll in. Thank goodness for ace tabs!


    1. The heat is preventing any Winter Eli shenanigans and for that I am thankful! I hope Pammon’s rehab goes smoothly — sometimes medication is absolutely the safest route! Pretty sure Eli would have killed me without reserpine.


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