The Canter is a Cure for Every Evil

Who doesn’t love an eloquent prime minister?

looks pretty good on video!

So. Eli is cantering under saddle. And it’s been a dream. He seems to be sound on all four feet right now (although I am sure he will come up with something as I type this …). I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than being able to canter my horse again. The current expectation is that we will be able to jump by mid-November if he stays comfortable on his front feet. He will have very different shoes on after his next setting — I am hoping they help him. Shoeing changes always make me nervous but his heels need more support than what they are getting right now.

I have also squared away his new diet plan and he LOVES the alfalfa. He’ll go on the barn senior soon, too. He seems a bit more relaxed and contented with the alfalfa and I kind of wish I had gotten him on alfalfa years ago. Of course, he is also getting more turnout and light work so I can’t chalk up his attitude entirely to the alfalfa. But more forage and less grain? Okay by me.

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  1. This is excellent news!!! Biasini does not get grain feed.He has soaked alfalfa cubes, beet pulp , rice bran and an vitamin mineral supplement. He loves alfalfa hay too and would agree with Eli that it is the BEST.


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