Recheck Eve

True to his indomitable form, Eli has prepared for his impending suspensory recheck by adding a few other mysteries for his vet to investigate.

He had been feeling quite good under saddle. His trotting was coming along (from strung out to half way acceptable) and I even took the executive step of adding in some shallow turns to our straight lines of trotting just last week.


Still, we do walk a lot. Eli has of course enjoyed his turnout time. Perhaps he enjoyed it a little too much on Sunday? On Monday, he seemed tender at his left hind fetlock and foot sore in front, especially on the right. He also pretty much needs some of his maintenance, like, yesterday.

Today, thankfully, he felt much better. My trainer said she could get the farrier to take a look at his right front today and I’ll also have the vet examine it tomorrow. As for everything else … honestly I think the RH we are rechecking is okay. The left hind did not seem to bother him today. He is, still, staying affectionate without the reserpine, which is blowing my mind but I’ll take it. I see no reason to restrict his turnout yet, either. Yesterday my mind was racing, but today I am a little calmer about the whole thing. Because oh yeah, Eli is a 16yo ottb. He is not ding-free. If he needs help to stay in work, he gets it. If it gets to where any help can’t help enough, he gets to retire comfortably. He is clearly happy right now, so I can’t justify fretting over things I don’t know yet. He also does stuff like this basically every month, so I should be used to it by now!

In more enjoyable news, Conrad had a photoshoot over the weekend and the photographer posted a sneak peek! I get to see a lot more in a few weeks so hopefully I will will have more to post about the experience then, too. Short version: I highly recommend Green Paws Photography!

8 thoughts on “Recheck Eve

  1. UGH. Horses. Come one Eli, you’re not working THAT hard that you need to get out of it already!
    Seriously though, hope it’s nothing a little maintenance won’t fix.
    Also can’t wait to see more of Conrad’s photo shoot! He looked adorable in the pics you shared on your social!


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