One Less Medication

Now that Eli gets to play outside regularly and is trotting many, many straight lines, he is off the reserpine. So far, so good. He does have a little more energy under saddle, which is fine with me. He also seems to be staying cuddlier than usual, although who knows how long that will last. At the very least, the reserpine is one less expense on the vet bills.

sees German muffins and doesn’t understand why they are not in his mouth

I am giving him a break from working under saddle for today and tomorrow, mainly due to the extreme heat. Also partly due to the fact that Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty busy lesson nights and trotting straight lines through lesson traffic is actually pretty effing difficult. I wouldn’t mind doing them in the fields, but the ground is basically cement right now so that’s out as an option. I don’t even like walking out in the fields right now because of the ground.

don’t worry, he still dings himself on a daily basis as evidenced by Corona slathered on a minor heel/coronet band grab
I don’t even know how he did this

But Eli’s not totally off the hook — his mane is a mess so I’ll be cleaning that up and taking off some of the length. I might work with him on the clippers-by-the-ears stuff a little bit, too. He’s not afraid of the clippers at all, he just doesn’t like the sensation of his ears getting trimmed. I should probably work with him on it more often but it’s not something that’s any kind of priority.

pretty day but hot AF

I mostly stayed away from all the Labor Day sales (because, again, vet bills) but I did need some more hoof packing. Riding Warehouse had the best price on a 4lb tub of Magic Cushion and the 15% off of stuff already on sale means I have another Asmar logo tee headed my way, too.

Eli’s next vet appointment is on next Tuesday … I have managed to line up three 4-day weeks in a row. Why is this not like every work week?

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