Visual Aid

Eli is up to 10-15 minutes of riding straight lines at the trot. The bulk of that time is actually walking. Next week we’ll shoot for 20-25 minutes of this kind of exercise.

And right around now, I realized I did not have recent film of Eli’s trot under saddle and I thought that might be a helpful thing to have.

I am pleased with his progress. What else can I say?

I think Eli misses the work and starts to get frustrated that we keep walking after only a few steps of trot. So our downward transitions are messy, while our upward transitions are exuberant.

He’s also super sweet right now. I wonder if this will last?


And a little side note: I don’t watch that much TV. Except recently. The Dark Crystal prequel drops on 8/30 and I know I’m going to binge that. Only because I have read the book, I’ve managed to fit in a few episodes of Good Omens. Carnival Row’s aesthetic looks like I’d love it although it may be a little too blatantly allegorical for me to enjoy. I’ll probably watch it anyway. I also finally watched the first season of Dark and will start the second soon. If you are into German existential doom, you will love Dark. It is so, so good and I wish I had started it sooner. German existential doom is the very best kind of doom. The English overdubs are awful, though, so I recommend watching it in German with English subtitles.

7 thoughts on “Visual Aid

  1. He looks great! YAY. I don’t watch much TV (except PBS Brit Mysteries HA) but stream a lot will have to check those out. I just got into the Umbrella Academy (yes I am slow) and love this show. The writing cracks me up even though it is pretty dark. Didn’t think I would like it that much. I will check your recommendations out! thanks


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