Think Cold Thoughts

I would just like to point out that we have nothing to actually graze on here in Texas right now …

everything is burnt

The heat has done me the favor of making Eli fairly easy to ride, at least. No real work since April? No problem. It’s too hot for shenanigans. Hopefully we will be allowed to canter before it gets very cold. But for now, we are trotting in straight lines. Miraculously, Eli is just as easy to ride as where we left off. I can’t ask him for anything yet, but he just kind of shows up with a trot that is very easy to balance and work with. I don’t think he gets the whole straight-lines-only thing, but he doesn’t seem to mind it much. He gets to go outside with his friends now, so he is generally very pleasant to be around.

another perspective of burnt ground

Maybe in a few weeks, there will be grass again? The sun won’t be so oppressive? I do like to let Eli graze after we work, but right now that’s a bad idea. So we stay in the barn, in front of fans, with ice boots on his hind legs.

9 thoughts on “Think Cold Thoughts

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  1. Wow! that looks pretty darned dry. I like the ice boots though. I put them on Biasini after we do any work and when we had a hot spell a few weeks back I felt that they helped to cool him as well.


  2. hmm we have the heat but not the loss of grass due to us getting torrential rains every few days or week. SO SO MUCH GRASS. Good thing the bugs keep Remus in or he would be fatter than he already is!! Hope it cools up for you soon but glad you are getting to ride him straight lines or not 🙂 And glad he is back in turnout!


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