Trying Not to Melt

By late last week, I had given up on riding after work, considering how hot it stayed into the evening and beyond sunset. Eli got to graze a lot and spent time in the round pen, which catches some shade in the late afternoons. I may not be riding much, but I am still spending about the same amount of time at the barn, getting Eli out of his stall for a couple hours. Except on Friday — I went and did a little shopping and a lot of eating.

it might have *said* cinnamon sugar dipped marshmallow cream around the rim but it could have also been Crisco, not entirely sure

As good as truffle garlic bread with ricotta is, a criminally large milkshake did not sit well on top of it at 11pm while I was trying to fall asleep.

On Saturday, Eli and I did go for a walk regardless of the heat and humidity. We were very, very slow. Getting a marching walk out of Eli is usually easy, but not so this August, I guess. Perhaps he thinks he is permanently retired?

On Sunday, we actually caught a break in the weather here, and it even rained a little bit. Although by the time I was able to go ride Eli, that break was over and the ride soon turned into just grazing and rinsing him off.

2 fans are better than one

I have also continued with the physical therapy, and my back is muuuuuuuch better. My hope is that my last appointment will be this week.

I cleaned out my closet and drawers over the weekend, too. Not that it looks like it. But there is definitely less of everything. I *do* have to keep stuff that does *not* bring me joy because if I wore what brings me joy to the desk job I would be violating the dress code. Hanging on to so many sweaters always feels weird in August, until I get to work and start freezing at my desk, which feels about like a meat locker.

we do this a lot

And then I get off work, walk outside, and it’s too hot to breathe.

on high alert at sunset

At least by the time I get to the barn, the sun is lower in the sky. I don’t really want to wait until 9 o’clock at night to ride, but that is not off the table right now!

10 thoughts on “Trying Not to Melt

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  1. it has been hot here too. Not insane hot but in the afternoon/evening it is pretty dang hot with the sun setting. the am’s are a bit cooler BUT the dew point is so high and humidity so high it is really hot then too if you do anything at all. Crazy summer. Glad Eli is doing okay! and your back is better!


  2. The weather has been stifling! Here, early morning is best because it’s a bit misty/foggy. But that is not possible on days I work. Walk rides can be very productive but still hot!


  3. Yuck, I hope it cools off soon. Eli is looking great though, despite the lack of work.
    I need to do a clothing purge too. I just got a couple of bags to fill up for ThredUp, so no more excuses!


    1. It does drive me crazy how thoroughbreds can be doing a whole lot of not much and still look fit. Like … how? I probably shouldn’t complain about it, lol


    1. I had an anhydrotic horse a long time ago and I didn’t ride him in July or August. He got rinsed off a lot and hand walked reeeeeeaaaally late at night and he was on One AC. He always started sweating again in mid-September 🤷‍♀️ I figured the riding could wait


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