When Every Girth You Own is Suddenly Offensive to Your Horse

Eli quite obviously has my number. All he has to do is mildly object to something, and my brain goes into overdrive:


This is how he has like 4 fly masks, 4 bridles, I don’t know how many bits, many saddle pads and half pads and … um … not really sure how many girths I’ve tried on him. In the cooler months, I think the sheepskin or synthetic fleece girths are totally fine and he doesn’t mind them.

he likes this

But oi. He does NOT like them in the heat. All of a sudden. He’ll he stop and bite the girth and pull at it (if I let him, which I did like twice to see, is this really a thing). So I guess the fleece is itchy? I also have a memory foam girth which was working well for a while, but now it’s a bit hairy from Eli’s shedding, and the hair will NOT wash out. At least, not with normal attempts to wash. I may really attack it in the wash rack with some Dawn or something to see if I can get the hair off of it. It does seem to be the girth Eli is most comfortable it for now, but unless the hair washes out, that one is itchy, too.

care instructions: hand wash cold, line dry only

But I am looking for other options. No leather girth will be comfortable for Eli, and the neoprene ones kind of chafe him. Considering I have tried a variety of Professional’s Choice, Lettia, and other brands of synthetic girths, my options numbered. That number right now is looking like one.

This Equifit Essential girth has piqued my interest. However, the internets are a bit short on reviews (not that I looked very hard) … does anyone have experience with this girth? I really like Eli’s Equifit crown pad. I have a pair of Equifit hind boots, an older version and that material I am less excited about. A lot of vendors carry this girth, so I am not too worried about fit, as I can just shop with a tack shop that offers easy returns. But just jumping in without hearing about anyone’s personal experience? I am holding off for now unless anybody can tell me, yes, this girth is a good option. It seems like it would be! I like the wider belly contour — that’s something I haven’t tried with Eli and maybe that would be more comfortable for him, too?

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  1. I used an entirely elastic girth for my lease guy a few months back. We had to change it as it was a borrowed one and stretched out but it was a Passover elastic girth. Not sure if it comes in a hunt/jumping style but worth a mention.


  2. I bought this girth a few weeks ago because my el-cheapo Smartpak girth was rusting around the buckles from rinsing it off after really sweaty rides. I also liked the shape (nice and wide in the center for better pressure distribution).

    It seems to fit pretty true to size, and horse didn’t object…he can be a teensy bit girthy but isn’t particularly sensitive. The liner is easy to remove and clean–I haven’t run it through the way, just did a hose-and-brush quick clean and left it on top of my tack trunk to dry.

    So, so far so good–I really love it as a schooling option and think it would be completely fine to show in too.


  3. Oh geez Eli LOL. Such a drama queen! lol But I totally get it. My two experiences with Amber and neoprene resulted in much crow-hopping, with nothing happening when I didn’t use it, so none of that for her lol. Man, you’re just running out of options tho for this guy lol


  4. hair gets stuck in all girths. I have a total saddle fit or whatever for my monoflap and little buckskin hairs are all in all the edges and will NOT COME OUT. Luckily Remus is not as delicate as Eli but I can sympathize with you!

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  5. Any update? I have a sensitive mare, hates leather so never bothered with neoprene. However, I have got to find a girth that is a bit more stable/grippy than her fleece ones. I am interested in this one :-)!


    1. Yes! I wound up using the Professional’s Choice sheepskin girth for a while and just recently got him the Professional’s Choice vented neoprene one. He seems to like the vented neoprene so far; I think it’s branded VenTECH. He had started biting at the synthetic fleece girths and he does not even bat an eye at this one!


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