The Big Board

Where I board Eli, there are 7 whiteboards that the trainers use to relay information to clients. The biggest big board has the boarder lessons and training rides schedule. A few of the other boards have scheduled vet appointments, a list for the farrier, notes about medications and treatments, and show and clinic sign up lists. There is a big board in the feed room, too, saying a little bit about who gets what as far as type of feed and supplements.

Okay, actually, wait. Every stall has a small whiteboard with the horse’s name and basic feeding instructions. So there are way more than 7 whiteboards …

But the board I want to talk about today is the “turnout board.” It lists every horse by name and has a column for every day of the week. X’s mean the horse needs to go out in the first turnout rotation. O’s mean the horse has been turned out. Other letters designate other things such as the horse has been ridden, or hand walked, or turned out under supervision in the round pen. And there is another wider column for turnout notes, like that the horse is on stall rest or needs bell boots during turnout.

Guess who had an O by his name on Monday evening?

y’all don’t need to know everybody’s names

I have spent the last few weeks reintroducing Eli to turnout, hoping that he would get a little energy out without re-injuring himself. And of course he LOVES to roll, like most horses, and that alone does him so much good. It’s how he releases tension in his back, for one thing.

he also loves to lick dirt and drool it back out of his mouth …

So it’s another step forward — Eli getting back gradually to his regular daily turnout schedule, weather permitting. I’ve been thinking about this process mostly from week to week, and not thinking too far ahead. There is still no timetable for Eli’s return to full work. And I like it that way. Why create long term expectations with an injury like this? I am happy to hop along from one vet appointment to the next and evaluating him as he is on those days.

I know other people might want answers like he can go back into full work in “x” number of months; but if there is one thing I have learned about horses over the years, it’s that horses can and will injure themselves inexplicably. It’s pretty much a guarantee. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

In other news, I have been struggling with the inflatable boots trees my DeNiro boots came with. As in they don’t stay inflated. But I didn’t want to shell out for proper boot trees. Even new inflatable boot trees seem to be unquestionably expensive for what they are. Plus I could go back to having the same problem. So I started looking for inexpensive solutions and found them on Amazon. I ordered one pair of the Fill Your Boots boot shapers to try. They worked so well, I ordered two more pairs. These are way better than inflatable boot trees because they can’t possibly deflate. You have to roll them up to get them into your boots at first, but then they sort of mold and hold their shape when not in use, so you only have to wrestle with then that first time getting them into your boots. I might need more for my not-riding boots.

And of course, what holiday week would be complete without a sale? has a ton of coupon codes right now for 25% off different brands that they carry, like Equine Couture, Baker, Henry de Rivel and more. Use INDEPENDENCE25 for your whole order!


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  1. Round pen with someone watching. laughing here. OMG Eli. Never boring? Glad he is getting more turnout. Boot treesonly work if you actually put them in the boots (world’s laziest here) HAHA


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