He can look a bit silly with a mouthful of grass when he stops chewing it to ascertain whether there is something he needs to spook at.

Eli comes off as far too grumpy and catty to be especially derpy, although he has derp moments.

Does this face mean you accidentally swallowed a grasshopper?

They usually involve him wanting attention or eating something he didn’t like. Or licking dirt. Or not paying attention to where he’s putting his feet.

This is that moment where he’s about to paw, but knows he shouldn’t, so he shifts around and makes faces.

Derp is not his factory default setting — it’s more like an optional upgrade. If you’re into watching horses look derpy, anyway.


Take for instance yesterday evening … I was grazing him, near the round pen, and another boarder walked over to ask a question. I ignore Eli for two seconds, and he’s rolling in the round pen sand mud (it had rained in the morning and everything was wet and gross). Luckily he remembered he was attached to a lead rope and did not do that thing horses do when they get up a from a really good roll and take off bucking … he just shook some of the sand mud off and blinked at me.

And then of course he was mad that I hosed him off …

4 thoughts on “Derperitif

  1. I remember being really worried the first time I let Jampy roll on the lead line. He wasn’t allowed any turnout, but I knew how badly he wanted to roll. Thankfully he was also cognizant of being attached to me. I think he was grateful for the opportunity!
    Eli doesn’t do derp well, you’re right. He’s still handsome through the derpness.


    • Yeah, when they roll on the lead line it makes me nervous …. as in, am I about to get kicked in the face trying not to let go? I was glad he held it together! And he definitely felt better after the roll.


    • It is my very poorly-concocted portmanteau of “derpy” and “aperitif.” So it’s like a little bit of derp to aid digestion, but not going overboard with it. So maybe like a diminuitive of derpy? It’s a stretch, I know …

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