Rides This Week

Actually riding my horse! We are up to walking 20-25 minutes now, and I have walked Eli in the fields a few times, too. He is edgy but overall taking this whole thing fairly well. He has his moments of squealing, spooking, leaping, etc., but he gets over it and listens. Then he gets to go out once he’s untacked. I usually have to catch him after about 15 minutes because he suddenly decides it’s time to buck and spin and bounce around, probably a little too much for where we’re at in his recovery process. But he looks sound?

mmmm yummy dirt

I hope we are cleared to trot after our next appointment (which is July 8). That would go a long way in expending more of his energy, and I would feel more comfortable about him being in turnout for longer periods of time. He just has SO MUCH unexpended energy and it’s tough to contain.

Loving the Salentos! They just need to drop about a 1/2 inch and I’m set.

I have also discovered the Banixx shampoo does a great job of getting rid of Eli’s elbow dandruff. Nothing much else has worked, so I am glad I picked up a bottle of this. It does a good job of keeping his hind cannons in good shape, too. And the top of his tail! No dandruff, no scurf, no rubs. Definitely worth the price.

no shortage of grass

2 thoughts on “Rides This Week

  1. So glad to see you riding again! Fingers crossed you can start trotting after the next check up!
    And I LOVE my DeNiro Salento’s. They’re sooooo comfy! I think I should have gotten mine a little taller, but they’re blue so I won’t be showing in them anyway. Yours look great!


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