The Day Finally Came

wait … boots?

I thought I’d be riding Eli after work on Tuesday this week, but weather and traffic had other plans. I had enough light left to let him roam and/or buck around a turnout again, and hand walked him around the barn again.

immediately curious about everything outside of the arena

But yesterday, I finally got to ride Eli for the first time since before Easter. As per the plan his vet set forth for us, we walked for 15 minutes.

All of Eli’s buttons at the walk still seemed to work well, so that was a relief. I am not sure what I thought would happen — he’s clever about the aids most of the time so in retrospect I suppose he’d not forget any of that stuff. Why would he? I stayed in the arena this time, but may venture outside of it over the weekend.

And after we walked, I turned out Eli into one of the paddocks again before rinsing him off, in case he wanted another good roll. He actually didn’t roll, but just kind of snuffed around. I was starting to cut into his feeding time, so I think he may have been looking for minuscule hay scraps or something pathetic like that.

I am hopeful another ride will be in the cards this evening! I forgot my watch (that I got specifically for timing our walks so I wouldn’t have to check my phone) so I’ll have to set a timer on my phone which seems dumb but oh well.

Eli will be just walking until July, when he will be rechecked again.

11 thoughts on “The Day Finally Came

  1. Doesn’t it feel like coming home when you finally get to get on again? So happy for you guys!
    Also, as an aside, one of my headlights went out right around Easter too, and now that you mention you haven’t ridden since then, I’m really feeling like a loser for not fixing it yet. A headlight shouldn’t be out the same amount of time as a suspensory injury! #adultingishard


    • Lol! No, probably just get a new headlight. And yes, Eli’s gaits have always been so comfortable for me so that was great to get back on him and experience his walk again.


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