Small Big Step

Initially, I thought Eli would be getting shoes Wednesday. And let me just tell you, he needed them. Being two weeks overdue does not look good on this kid.

Of course his right hind is the one with the worst angle, too

Fast forward to yesterday. That’s when he got shoes. And what a relief, because his feet look a lot better. He’s never going to have much heel anywhere, but I’ll take what I can get. And hopefully I will be able to keep him on a five-week schedule.

Improvement. It’s gonna take more than one setting, of course.

But since he got shoes, I can ride him and re-introduce him to turnout! I didn’t have my tall boots with me yesterday because honestly I wasn’t even sure whether or when he’d get shod. But I did give him a little turnout time.

It is going to be a challenge keeping him quiet in turnout. He walked around and rolled, which is fine, but then once he got up from that good roll he was like F YEAH TURNOUT. He was trying to get me to run around with him, I think? He wasn’t so much running as leaping and striking out and doing a very large trot. Fortunately, he couldn’t go far, and wasn’t moving all that fast, so I grabbed him and stuck him in front of a fan in the cross-ties.

we will still be doing a lot of grazing while the grass isn’t fried yet

Today I have my tall boots with me! The plan is to start Eli with 15 minutes of walking under saddle, and add 5 minutes each week until the vet checks him again in a month.

16 thoughts on “Small Big Step

    • I mean … honestly I am going from fingers crossed all the way up to goat sacrifice if I have to in order to not die. He is going to be wild. And honestly, that’s even going to be with some sedation lol


  1. Don’t give up on the “no heel” syndrome. I have owned more OTTB’s than I can count. I put them on the Smartpak Ultra Hoof and you will be amazed on the hoof growth and yes “heel.” It will take at least 6 mos. to see any change. I hope this helps and good luck with Eli’s rehab. You are doing a phenomenal “mommy” job! 🙂


    • Oh, I am nowhere near giving up! As long as he stays on a five-week schedule, his feet are pretty good. This was more of a 2-3 weeks overdue issue. He does grow heel, just not as quickly as toe, so it is sometimes less heel than ideal. My other OTTBs were similar.

      He is on something for his hooves, too. Smartpak supplements are poison, however (to him lol). He won’t eat anything with the pelleted supplements from Smartpak in his feed, so I had to change up the supplement situation entirely for him.


  2. I’m not sure if it would help, but could you make him a smaller turnout space? I’ve built smaller ones with jumps before when I had one just starting from stall rest. It was big enough to roll, but not enough room to be crazy. I hope he’s calm enough for you under tack! So exciting to get back to work!


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