Weenie Wednesday: Summer Begins!

I know it’s not technically summer yet, but I think we are finally past all the chilly mornings for a while. Not that this stops Conrad from burrowing under blankets while inside.

But at least our walks are warm now! No more sweaters for a while, so I have cleaned them and they are stashed in one of Conrad’s dressers. (Yes, my dog has furniture for storing his things.)

I love Conrad’s current harness, but it is thickly padded, and the same brand has a lighter-weight harness. I haven’t walked him far in it yet or gotten any pictures of it. At first I was worried it somehow didn’t fit, but then I figured out a not-quite-obvious way to extend the girth straps more so it totally fits Conrad. There were quite a few reviews saying the sizing was off, so I am wondering if people had a similar experience as I did until I figured out how to extend the straps more.

I have also been thinking about lighter-weight, hot weather breeches, since that is what I mostly wear while walking Conrad in the mornings.


Riding Warehouse of course had a great sale, so of course I finally decided it was time to try the RJ Classics Prestige Gulf breeches. They seem okay for really hot weather, and definitely were comfortable in the mornings. The one weird thing is there is no center back belt loop. I probably wouldn’t pay full price for these, but for the sale price they are a good pair of breeches.

Conrad eats breakfast after we walk, and then he curls up under a blanket again. What a trying existence …

In other news, I am holding my breath all day, hoping the farrier shows up and does Eli … the vet was pretty adamant about getting Eli done THIS week so we don’t end up in that negative palmar angle territory. If he gets done, he gets to start doing a little bit more stuff. I just hate the idea of calling in another farrier, but I don’t have much choice if Eli’s regular (and awesome) farrier doesn’t make it out.

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