Cautiously Optimistic

Eli’s vet visit went well today. His ultrasound showed a lot of improvement, so I couldn’t be happier about that! We have a plan going forward for Eli for the near future. Step one is get him shod. He is a bit overdue as his farrier has not been able to make it out, but hopefully he will be able to get to Eli on Wednesday this week.

the napping stance

Provided he gets shod this week (and I will use another farrier if I have to, to make that happen, which is not what I want to do but palmar angles do not need to get into negative territory while trying to rehab a ligament), Eli is cleared for walking under saddle and limited/monitored turnout.

what is in your hand

This is exciting to me. I will be able to sit on my horse soon. Maybe not this week because I think it’s trying to rain any minute now, but soon. Seeing his ultrasound was such a relief! I hope to keep him on the right track so I am not going to turn him out or ride him unless the footing is dry. Luckily I have plenty of daylight after work to let him out in good weather, and then I can keep an eye on him in case he gets stupid. He’ll be staying on the reserpine for now, so hopefully he won’t get too crazy.

and is it edible

But like I said, new shoes before anything else. It’s never not down to no hoof, no horse.

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