Bath Time and Sale Time

While I may be at work on Memorial Day, most people can take advantage of one more day of Memorial Day sales! is offering up to 70% off — using the code MEMORIAL30 gets you an additional 30% of ALL products. So now would be the time to pick up those cute denim breeches or that perfect riding top for summer!

Who doesn’t want wine-colored breeches?

Asmar Equestrian is having a sale, too, including some of those belt purses that are so handy.

In other news, Eli FINALLY got another bath on Sunday. I didn’t get his face very well …. mostly because that is usually the last thing I soap up. And right before, I had set down the shampoo bottle kind of hard and some foamy stuff shot up into my face. Including my right eye. Which is the good one. But, if a hose can’t double as an eye wash, what can? Let’s not think about what microscopic creepy crawlies are living on the end of that hose.

Damp pony is damp.

Eli’s next vet appointment is on June 4, and I really do want an ultrasound this time around. Eli’s vet indicated that would be the case. It would also be nice if we could take a break from 2-3 vet visits a month. Until then, we are still hand walking and grazing a lot.

6 thoughts on “Bath Time and Sale Time

  1. Ugh soap in the eye is really unpleasant. Sad I stopped by too late, I’ve had my eye on that mesh sleeve shirt, but the sales over. Womp womp. I’m sure there will be another soon though! Eli looks handsome post bath, though he’s chosen an interesting stance!


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