Looking Better

Looking a little dappled on Monday evening

Eli had a third shockwave treatment this morning. He jogged for the vet before treatment, and he looked a lot better then he had previously. He didn’t even look too bad after flexion. The next step is more hand walking and an ultrasound in two weeks to see where we’re at. (I was hoping for an ultrasound today but the vet talked some reason into me considering it had only been about a month so far.) Overall it seemed like a very good appointment. And of course this vet has multiple patients at the barn right now so splitting the call fee is always nice!

no turnout yet, buddy

Eli has something else looking better, too — he got a new halter. While I liked his old halter, the etching on the name plate was starting to fade and the one thing that has always bothered me about the halter was that the noseband was not triple-stitched. I ordered a triple-stitched Walsh halter from The Tack Room of Camden, SC with birthday money last week and got the halter, with the nameplate attached, on Monday. Fastest customization ever!

only one of us was actually excited about the halter

I must also point out, Eli’s coat is still shedding out and I think it’s because he can’t go outside and roll it off. So he has been getting extra-long currying sessions, part of which he likes and part of which he’s a bit testy about. He needs a bath either way, so hopefully I will have a chance sometime this weekend to do that. It may be a holiday weekend for many people, but not for me. After next Monday I will have much more flexibility in my schedule, at least!

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