Back in the Saddle

Eli is still stuck just hand walking … and he gets lots and lots of grazing … is he actually getting fat? Fat for him, yes, but is he objectively fat? Maybe not quite yet.

But yesterday was my birthday, and coincidentally I had the opportunity to ride not one but TWO horses after work.


The first ride was on Whisper. I’ve ridden this guy before, and he and Eli are very similar. Not so much in the feel of the gaits, but definitely in personality under saddle, i.e., DO NOT PULL. At this point, this is a standard instruction in riding thoroughbreds, so that was no problem. However, my leg is very weak right now. Whisper even responds to the leg similarly to Eli, but I COULD NOT get enough leg to get him to lift his shoulder and bend going to the left. (I think it was the left?) I was just hacking, so this didn’t exactly bother me. But I am going to have to borrow a lesson horse and ride without stirrups or something along those lines because yeesh.

After Whisper, I rode Cherie. Or rather, I threw Cherie on the longe line first and she was feeling her oats. This mare has a huge buck! But she settled down after a few minutes so I got on a rode in the last light of the day.

My saddle tended to slip up on her a bit when she threw a buck, but it stayed behind her shoulder once I moved it back and got on. Thankfully she was a model of good behavior under saddle.

And then I still had to hand walk Eli! He’d stare at me while I was messing with the other horses. And then I’d say, “you’re next, buddy!” And he’d turn away from me and go back to his hay. Like … “mother, I am offended that you are not paying attention solely to me.” He got the attention he wanted, and I didn’t get home until after 10 o’clock at night.

His right hind is looking good and I am hopeful that the ultrasound on Tuesday will show improvement. I maybe snuck a few jog steps into our hand walk and he seemed sound. That doesn’t mean he’d stay sound if I slammed him into full work, of course — it’s going to be a process building up his work out routine again. But to me it means his RH probably doesn’t hurt much, which is good.

6 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Glad you’re getting to ride some! Sounds like some lovely horses (post lunge at least)! My barn where Eros lives is really weird about letting us ride other horses. It was a real bummer when Eros was handwalking.
    I hope you got good news from the vet today!


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