Weenie Wednesday: Begging for Cheese

I think one of my most favorite foods is cheese. Conrad could probably say the same, although I try not to give him cheese because it’s not something his digestive system can handle well. But he might get an itty-bitty tiny morsel of Havarti every once in a while.

In other Conrad news, we had to reschedule his grooming appointment because of an unexpected repair the company had to do on the mobile grooming vehicle. So Conrad has to wait a few more weeks before he can see his groomer again. I think he was secretly looking forward to being all fresh and clean and may have been slightly disappointed when I told him we had to reschedule.

Conrad is very good at looking extremely disappointed, as you can see.

4 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Begging for Cheese

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  1. Such a cute face! It’s funny but one of the very few things my little dog doesn’t like is cheese, and the other is bread. Very odd…


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