Who’s Counting?

I am trying not to count the days Eli has been out of commission. And I am definitely not trying to count the days before he can be back under saddle again. And I honestly have no idea when he’ll be cleared for regular turn out.

I am pretty sure Eli is not counting either. I am sure he wishes for unfettered turn out, too, but I do try to let him graze every day in addition to the hand walking. Walking outside rather than in the barn can be a tough call because even on reserpine, he has a few spooks in him. When the ground is dry and it’s warm, I am less worried about that but after a rain … let’s just say Eli will be avoiding mud or soft ground for the time being.

Eli is also actually kind of cuddly on reserpine. It’s weird but completely adorable. It hasn’t stopped his personality from shining through on occasion, such as last night when I was trying to wipe fly spray on his haunches, he cow-kicked me. Which resulted in some smacks and all four hooves stayed firmly planted after that.

I also have been lucky enough to catch the occasional ride on a lovely young mare named Cherie. Her canter is a dream!

Eli had another shockwave treatment yesterday, and he’ll get another in two weeks, at which time his suspensory is going to get re-checked. I am taking this whole thing in two week increments so far. It’s easier to go from vet appointment to vet appointment, than it is to think of the time off in totality.

And since showing will be out of the question for a while, I’ve been recruited to paddock at a local show in June, after my job should be considerably less like fancy prison. I had to get an appropriate sun hat for that. I am just about done with any and all sunscreens because they kill coral, they leech into your bloodstream, and the mineral ones that have zinc in them turn my face to something that looks a bit like a beet with small pox.

I highly recommend getting a Riata Designs sun hat by Jill Slater! Her knack for designing for the individual is so spot on it’s almost uncanny! This hat shades my entire face and my neck and my chest. I wore this hat all day on Sunday and I felt perfectly protected from any sun exposure.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Counting?

  1. I’m with you on the sunscreen. I try my best just to stay out of the sun. Not having a covered arena, sunshirts and visors are my life. Big sunhats at shows are a must. I also avoid the sun because I seem to have developed an allergy too it and any prolonged sun contact means I will break out in a disgusting rash somewhere on my body. After Cabo I got it really bad on my lateral right forearm and my collar bones. YUCK.


    • Ugh, that sucks about the rash! I have the same issue, although mine is due to a medication I am on. It’s just good policy to stay covered up completely! And then of course ending up having to supplement with vitamin D because my skin rarely sees daylight …


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