From a Felix to an Oscar

Subtitled “the poop post.” Yes, I realize there is even another option for naming this post, but you can just say it to yourself in your head.

Some things I have noticed about my horses over the years are their stall habits. Anchor peed a lot and wallowed. He would actually wait to pee until he got back to his stall — he usually wouldn’t pee in turn out. Weird but okay. Red was very neat. Leo would poop in front of his stall door, maybe in a territorial kind of way? I’m not sure. And Eli is pretty neat, except for dumping his food from his feed tub.

not too terribly messy

Or, he was pretty neat. But now he’s on stall rest and reserpine and he’s … less neat. He used to poop in the same general area in his stall, on the north wall between his feed tub and automatic waterer. Well, now he’s pooping all over the place. He poops in his hay. He poops on the food he just dumped from his feed bin. He scatters his hay all over his stall and poops in front of his stall door.

I feel pretty bad for him, because I know this is a manifestation of Eli not understanding why he can’t go out with his friends. I am sure it is making him much more neurotic than usual. So his stall looks a mess. He is, of course, also napping in his poop. This, I think he has probably always done, I have just never had to curry poop out of his coat because he’s gone outside and rolled. I think he misses that, too!

I took this on Monday night and it’s actually not all that bad. I should have gotten a picture of Sunday because that was a hot mess. Maybe Eli has adjusted to the reserpine? Cameo by Spirit.

The other poop-related thing: reserpine. It’s a long-acting sedative commonly prescribed for horses confined to stalls while healing from an injury. A potential side effect is diarrhea. While Eli has not had bad diarrhea, he did have slightly loose stools the first few days on reserpine, but his poop looks back to normal now. He’s getting the daily powder, not the long-acting, one time per month shot. His vet even said he almost never uses the shot any more because some horses get diarrhea so bad they need IV fluids. So yes, let’s avoid that. Just something to consider should your horse be laid up for a while.

Okay, now for one more *not* poop-related thing. The barn has some new hands who pretty much just speak Spanish. With Google translate, this isn’t much of an issue — I had a whole conversation via Google Translate about walking Eli — except for the whole pronunciation thing. You see, Eli’s name to us in English sounds like “Ee – lie.” Guess how these guys pronounce his name, which had me baffled for DAYS because I was like, what the eff are they saying while pointing at my horse or cleaning his stall? “EE – LEE.” Which turned in my head to “EEL – Y” as in like an eel. It finally dawned on me that’s just how they pronounce his name because that’s how you’d say that sequence of letters in Spanish.

So now OF COURSE Eli’s name is Eel-y. He does share some qualities with Moray eels, so … at least he’s not electric?

I also kept thinking of French instead of Spanish, so much so that I was trying to say “evening” and could only think of “la nuit” and did not come up with “la noche” for like ten minutes. I am rusty, but I could speak and read French to a certain extent when I was a little more academic than I am now. So I get a lot of French in my head when I am trying to remember a Spanish word. But I now know the word for “walking” or “walk” is “caminar” so that’s getting somewhere. (It’s “marche” in French which is easy to remember/recall.) When I am reading Spanish or French, I can rely more on etymology to figure stuff out, but I don’t have that ability when hearing those languages. Like I have no idea what the etymology of “caminar” even is. Do other languages have equivalents to the OED?

Perhaps Eely will be back to being Felix-like soon.

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  1. It’s funny how a change in routine can also change their neatness level in their stall. Jamp was the neatest horse I ever had until I gelded him. He still was somewhat tidy, but not as much as before. Rio on the other hand has always just been gross.
    I hope Eli settles into the temporary routine soon. Being laid up is the pits.


    1. We’ve got shockwave again on Monday! I am trying not to count the days before round pen turnout and walking under saddle can safely happen.

      That’s so crazy that gelding changed the neatness habits a bit. That would be a pretty huge lifestyle change for a horse though …


  2. I did not know that reserpine could cause diarrhea- interesting! I also didn’t know their a daily powder versus once a month shot. Rio got the shot when he had his spider bite. Glad he didn’t suffer from diarrhea too. I feel ya on the English/spanish thing. I’m lucky that 2 of the 4 guys at my barn speak pretty passable english. The other 2 I mostly gesture with. I really should learn a bit more Spanish!


    1. It was news to me! I had a different horse a while back that we did the shots with, and it never affected him in that way. BUT trainer friend of mine mentioned a laid-up horse at her barn did struggle with adjusting to the reserpine but got better in a few days.


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