Eli Update!

Preying on my sympathies

It’s a struggle to be a fur parent, knowing your fur kid just wants to go play bitey-face with his friends but can’t. And maybe the fur kid would like to be able to do his job because sometimes it’s fun. And then as a fur parent you worry, because the fur kid pooped in his automatic waterer and that is so out of character … and barfy …

he has mastered puppy-dog eyes

Yeah, I am getting twitchy on the obsessive part of OCD lately. I want to help my horse more. But all that really helps is time. It might be possible to accelerate the healing of a soft tissue injury by infinitesimal amounts, but there is no way around the stall rest and time off. It has to happen. I am glad Eli has been able to be hand walked this whole time, though.

another bandage on a hind leg big surprise

On Tuesday, he got some treatments — PRP and shockwave — that hopefully help the healing process along. He gets another shockwave session in two weeks. Once his bandage from Tuesday comes off today, I most likely will not have to be icing and wrapping any more. And he can keep walking.

Easter grazing!

It’s also disappointing to me that I can’t be there for Eli’s vet appointments because of the demands of my job right now. But he has a lot of people looking out for him now (and all the time, really) so he’s not missing out on anything, as far as his care is concerned.

At the dandelion buffet

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