Lightning Means Dismount


We had some nasty weather over the weekend, but it wasn’t a complete washout. Eli turned 16 on Saturday, so he celebrated with organic baby carrots and a jump school. He got his vaccinations on Thursday, so I only took him on a walk on Friday.

Friday evening was gorgeous

On Saturday, he started out feeling stiff in the left shoulder area, but quickly worked out of that, so I think it was just soreness from the vaccinations. We kept the jumps low and just trotted in and cantered out everywhere, working on ME keeping myself in the right place for Eli to be slow and steady off the ground. Easier said than done, but I did do it.

Shortly after we got back into the barn, thunder started rumbling and didn’t stop. It had been raining lightly on and off, but thunder means lightning means no riding. So I feel pretty lucky that I was able to get in a workout for me and Eli before the real messy weather showed up.

I spent the afternoon online window shopping and weeding my closet a little bit more. Do you go through your closets on a regular basis and give away or sell whatever you haven’t worn in a few months? (Excepting winter apparel in Texas, of course.)

I couldn’t even walk Conrad on Sunday because of more rain and lightning in the area, so I decided to head to the barn after work, because the storms were supposed to be out of the area by evening. Eli’s right hind looked a little stocky (as it does at times) and I think it was from the zero turnout opportunities on Sunday, plus the crazy weather. I hand walked him around in the barn aisles because again, it was raining enough to keep us from walking outside and grazing. The lightning had ended, at least!

Desperation triggered by proximity of apple

Last thing for today: I am going to sell my green Ogilvy cover. It’s the green base, chocolate binding, and lilac/lavender piping. Maybe there’s a special price for blog readers? Hit me up if interested. It’s the COVER ONLY.

8 thoughts on “Lightning Means Dismount

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    1. I do the same thing with horse clothes. I have the hardest time parting with stuff, but I am trying to get better! I still have show shirts from the 90s, but they were so pretty and well-tailored then!


  1. glad you got to ride Eli and HAPPY BIRTHDAY him and Remus are almost twins (by like 12 days I think) HA.

    we had gnarly weather too ugh done with it.

    That oglivy cover sounds so pretty..if i had an oglivy 🙂 HA

    And omg my closet is such a mess. I have to travel for work next week and am slightly panicked cause um sweats and tshirts wont cut it anymore (or pjs for that matter) HA WFH FOR LIFE 🙂


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