Things for Spring & Summer 2019: Style for Human, Horse, and Dog

What better activity for a rainy afternoon than to shop? I have been thinking a lot recently about what has caught my eye in equestrian fashion and I want to share some stylish staples that are sure to end up in your closet or mine for this spring and upcoming summer. This is stuff for everyday use! Many things on this list are under $100, too, which … how often does that happen in the horse world?

Okay, first, let’s get straight to nature’s candy, berries.


The Equine Couture Beatta breeches in Berry have been on my wish list since I picked up a pair in Safari for shows. They are a great weight for warm weather and if my Safari ones wear out any time soon (which doesn’t seem to be the case) I’ll definitely be replacing them. They are easy to wash and can even go in the dryer — another thing I wouldn’t dream of doing with some other, more high maintenance breeches.

My next choice might be on their way to me already … the Equine Couture Calabasas breeches in Grey caught my eye a while back. Denim breeches have come a long way, and I am such a huge fan of grey denim generally that I had to try these. Remember when we all rode in 501s with full chaps? In the summer? No wonder we were thinner, sweating bullets in that get up and running on Dr. Pepper and cigarettes. Well, I still wear grey denim — like these Levis — and I suspect these breeches are stretchier and lighter than vintage 501s.

Let’s switch gears and think about Conrad’s requirements for spring. Texas can get blustery during spring showers and/or catastrophic flooding events (there is no in between) so I have been thinking about how I could have dressed Conrad this morning, as it was a bit breezy and trying to drizzle. And then I ran across this windbreaker for dogs!

A company called Halo makes it. I am not sure if there is any relation to the dog food company. But I love the color! No reason port wine hues can’t make an appearance after the vernal equinox. Halo also makes crystal dog collars and I like the idea of Conrad in the blue crystal.

Plus that would contrast so nicely with the windbreaker.

Don’t worry, we aren’t leaving out Eli. He’s pretty set in the bridle department, but he really only has one usable halter and I am trying to decide between the Kushy Halter

And the padded jewel halter

Opinions? I am so easily persuaded by glittery things, but I am leaning toward the more classic look of the Kushy halter. And to take care of all of Eli’s bridles and any halters he might get in the near future, I use Belvoir. Why aren’t there candles scented like Belvoir?

Now we can jump back to the rider, because I have a new sun shirt obsession. Asmar introduces all sorts of fabulous stuff every season, but they have been killing it with their sun shirts lately. Like the Selina 1/4 zip.

How gorgeous is this deep, rich, blue shade? Okay, but the top also comes in black. With white pinstripes on the forearms. And …


Yeah. I could not control myself. It reminds me too much of Beetlejuice not to.

Last, my curiosity turns to these beauties, the LeMieux Ladies’ Pace X-Grip Silicone Knee Patch Breeches. LeMieux has been a hot name in equestrian circles for a few years now, but I didn’t realize they made clothes. They make great horse boots (I reviewed the Teknique fetlock boots) and of course matching sets of polos and saddle pads to die for. But check out these breeches:

Do you not just love the pocket detailing? These LeMieux breeches seem to have all the right things in one package — under $100, unique details, mid-rise, sock bottoms, sporty material, and silicone knee patches. What more do you want?

No, really, tell me … what more do you want in your equestrian closet for spring??


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