Weenie Wednesday

Conrad has had a big week already! We still had to wear sweaters on our walks over the weekend.

So no new wildflower pictures featuring Conrad. Then one evening he tried jumping to a stool that leads to one of his chairs, and he yelped. That was startling! He seemed reluctant to jump at all for a few minutes. I worried he had injured something, but he was walking around fine. Even running around fine.

Cookies from patentlybay on Vimeo.

The video was taken post-yelp-incident. (Yes, it’s dark. I live in a cave.) So you can see he had no trouble getting around. And also how cutely he chews up Milkbones. He still periodically seems hesitant to jump up onto things, but then he jumps anyway. I am thinking perhaps it’s not so much injury as discomfort, like maybe he needs some joint supplements? I would like to have his vet evaluate the situation first, before making any changes.

And then his groomer came on Monday! He is always worried when he goes out to the mobile grooming van, but then comes back from grooming all happy and waggly. He got a very cute bandanna this time.

And jumped right up into his chair, as you can see. He has stairs up to the footstool next to the chair but he always looks at them and chooses to jump onto the footstool from the floor. So I think I see some stair training in the future. He handles the actual stairs to the second story just fine, but his personal stairs aren’t something he tries to use yet. Maybe I should get him a ramp instead?

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  1. hope he hasnt tweaked his back. Dachsies are notorious for back issues. Ollie (Who is not a dachsie but is long like one) LOVES to jump off the bed like a dock diving dog. SMH. I worry about his back all the time. I hope Conrad starts using the stairs 🙂 he is so cute….(Biggest Conrad fan here)!


    1. Ugh, me too! I don’t think it’s his back. When I first got him, he would jump from floor to bed/bed to floor and I have a tall bed up on a frame and box spring. I couldn’t stop him, so I use stools around all the furniture for an intermediate step so that he’s not jumping to or from as high. Ollie needs to stop dock diving from the furniture, that’s not good! But yeah, how do you stop them lol

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    1. Yeah, I am hoping whatever it is that it was temporary! He has ripped an entire toenail out before (a long time ago) but it grew back even though supposedly it wouldn’t.


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