The Grooming Implements and Goops for Spring 2019

As a follow-up to my last “do I want this product?” post, I’m updating here what I’ve been using lately on Eli to keep him looking fresh and dapple-y.

Back on Track Limber Up LiniMint Foam
This stuff is by far my favorite new product. Liniment foam is way better than liniment gel or liquid liniment for applying to the legs. This Back on Track stuff is also very gentle — no burning or tingling on my hands, yet it still seems to relieve my mild achy-ness in my knuckle joints (let us not call this arthritis yet). I assume this helps Eli and it definitely doesn’t hurt. The best part is that I recognize all the ingredients. Okay, well, most of them. I don’t know what “plant-based foaming agent” refers to, but apparently there are no banned substances in it. I know Back on Track isn’t the first liniment foam on the market, but I love it so far and have no intention of trying others right now.

Whole Horse Equine Fly Repellent Wipes
I specifically asked about these in the previous post I mentioned, and I am glad I did! They smell good, for one thing. And while I think it may be too early in the season to tell just how repellent these repellent wipes are, this is repellent I can get on Eli with minimal drama. I like the price point, and I won’t hesitate to order these again when I need more.

Knotty Horse Apricot Oil Treatment & Detangler
This was another product I asked about specifically. I decided to toss the sample size into my online cart while ordering other things. I have to say, I am impressed. It’s similar to the Cowboy Magic detangler, but I think it’s better. The texture is similar, but slightly less viscous and therefore slightly less slimy-feeling. It smells good. And it detangles very, very well. I especially like using it toward the top of Eli’s tail, and getting it down to his roots. I haven’t been using it long enough to know if it improves the texture and thickness of his tail over time, but I’ll be buying the full-size product next.

Carr, Day, & Martin Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner
I did not ask about this product, but a number of people recommended this product. So I tried it. These people, they are right. Eli’s tail was getting into super nasty territory with all the cold, wet weather and rolling in damp sand. It clumped easily and was covered in residue from lort knows what. But after a few days of using this stuff, his tail feels normal and stays free of tangles. Even more interesting, the bottle this conditioner comes in provides a brief but continuous fine mist instead of a true spray. I can accidentally-on-purpose mist Eli’s hind legs with it while misting his tail and he doesn’t seem to notice. That is magical.

Epona Tiger’s Tongue Scrubber
Soooooooo. Eli hates this thing. He’s okay with me using it on his lower legs. Anywhere else? Much teeth-grinding, tail-swishing, and angry-dance-stomping in the cross ties. But for removing shedding leg hair and mild cannon gunk, it works pretty well. I probably wouldn’t buy another one.

Soft Touch Grooma
This appears to be a popular little curry with thoroughbreds. I have had the same one for, um, a while. Like I am pretty sure I picked up this thing somewhere in the late 90s. And I still have it, so it’s pretty freaking durable. At least, the ones from that era are. It’s the only curry Eli tolerates well. 100% Grouchy TB approved! I wonder if I should get a new one from Dover, but then why when it still works so well?

Amazon Elements Sensitive Baby Wipes
Now that I use baby wipes at the barn, I can’t get enough! For reals. How did I go so long without using these? Eli LOVES having his nose wiped with these sensitive-flavor ones from Amazon, and they are cheap, right? I don’t actually know; I haven’t ever bought baby wipes for their intended purpose. Anyway, they are also great for wiping off all the extra fine dust that curries and brushes can’t remove from Eli’s coat when the air is really dry. And during this shedding season, they seem to work well for wiping all of Eli’s shed-out hair from my face.

What grooming products can you not live without for the upcoming warm weather?

10 thoughts on “The Grooming Implements and Goops for Spring 2019

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  1. The fact that grooming products don’t have to disclose ingredients is super annoying – but “plant based foaming agent” probably just means a surfactant that was synthesised from coconut oil (there are a ton of them).


  2. Ooh I may have to grab some baby wipes! Frankie got a short bath yesterday to get ride of some of the winter crud and oh dear lord am I ready to get these blankets off so I can work with his coat a bit more. Right now he’s shedding out his (clipped) winter coat, growing in his summer coat patchily, and has dandruff in strange places because I haven’t gotten to give it a good scrubbing. I’m dreaming of the day when I can get him clean and shiny for real.


  3. I grabbed the Canter Tail stuff after your last post too, and I’m loving it. I loved the sprayer so much I bought empty ones from Amazon and am putting all the sprays in then. Bug spray, micro tek… all of it in a mister bottle!
    For the fine dust removal, I do a mist of Micro tek, and follow it up by using the HAAS Diva Brush. It leaves them SO smooth and shiny.
    My favorite fly spray (Flysect Super 7, the gray bottle) is oil based, so that also keeps their coats really shiny and moisturized.


  4. I just bought a striphair and honestly I dont ​know how I lived without it. It’s kinda on the expensive side, which is why I never bought it before but a gift card saved me from the pain of spending a lot of money. Its​ super flexible and gets a lot of hair off my barely shedding half arab and took a lot off my instructors fuzzy draft. They say you can use it for bath season too, but its still too chilly to try that with my guy.


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