Show Plans or No Plans?

While a lot of the equestrians around me have shown already or will show soon this year, I am staying put with Eli. I’d like to show a few times this year, of course. But because of constraints related to my job, I am reluctant to commit to showing anywhere, any time before Memorial Day. In fact, the likelihood of me working ON Memorial Day is pretty much 100%. I have tentatively said out loud to other people that I am interested in showing at a local show in June. Beyond that, I have no plans, instead of show plans. I’ll just be over here at my messy desk, crying in my coffee while my friends and barnmates are at Pin Oak. (In case you were wondering, I am a public employee held in thrall by the working for the state legislature . .  . we are cautioned thusly: “don’t buy plane tickets haha”)

the camera loves you, boo

But maybe I can catch a livestream here and there? We have a great videography company in this area — JK Videography — and they typically livestream the bigger classes from the area A/AA shows. I am so glad they do, because it gives me a connection to a world that feels very far away when I am bent over a keyboard, like right now. I can still follow all the derbies and grands prix, even if I can’t be there in person.

current favorite look for spring: white Botoris, navy long sleeve top, brown tall boots

So it’s not that I don’t have show plans, but it’s also not that I do have show plans … I am just a little too far out from solidifying anything. Who knows with horses, anyway?

For the spring season, Eli and I will keep chipping away at our shortcomings and honing in on those nicer corners, and maybe one day I’ll stop seeing the long one. Eli cleans up pretty nicely and trailers well, and he’s gotten used to the idea that if I tell him we’re okay somewhere, we won’t be eaten by pony riders or concession stands. We might be stuck at home for now, but we’ll be ready to go when we need to be if it’s in the cards for us.

sunset rides are back thanks to DST!

I may also spend an unreasonable amount of time trying to decide what my next show outfit will be …

4 thoughts on “Show Plans or No Plans?

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  1. No plans here either. Again. I thought after three very long years of not showing, Eros and I would take the season by storm! But that sore foot. Boo. Hopefully later in the season though.


  2. Well this year I had planned to get my 5 year old out for some serious showing off, he finally has got himself together and calm as a rock. Then he sold and now I have a 2 year old again… finally a very fancy one but that means no showing for me unless I can catch ride. Ho hum.
    I agree with you, see how it goes and what comes your way. Don’t close any doors, let come what may. Happy spring!


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