Weekend of More Light

We all have more daylight after work now, which is great news! But I fell into the barn time vacuum as a result of more daylight and relatively nice weather … leaving me with less time for chores at home. Whoops! Does anyone else struggle with this once Daylight Savings hits? I had a ton of laundry to do and pulled out all the older horse show prizes which need polishing badly, but didn’t get through much of either because I had to go to bed at some point.

However, although I couldn’t ride on Thursday or Friday because I was at work until like 9 o’clock at night both days, I did get to ride on Saturday and Sunday! Saturday was a matter of knocking more rust off and getting Eli’s tension out of everywhere. Once his muscles warmed up a bit he felt great under saddle. I even put him on the longe line for some trotting both ways before mounting up, and that seemed to help him greatly. The new equipment I got for longeing helped me help Eli, too.

The best part about more light in the evenings? More film of my horse! I like being able to see how he looks under saddle, but I can’t be in two places at once. The little Polaroid Cube I use for filming doesn’t work so great at night, but now with more daylight I can get film of Eli (mainly to evaluate his gaits) more often. So I got some on Sunday evening.

I am pretty happy with where he is, even considering our erratic work schedule. I am hoping the rest of March and April will be slightly quieter at work and we can get back to working and jumping regularly.

Eli got a bath on Saturday, too! The first of many more to come. I do hope the last of the cold weather is over for the year. I can’t do below freezing temperatures any more.

4 thoughts on “Weekend of More Light

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  1. I think we all have spring fever big time now that the clocks have changed. It’s actually almost 50 today, and while I REALLY hope it continues this way, I know mother nature is going to snow at us at least one more time. Hopefully not though?
    Glad Eli is picking up mostly where you left off. Work really gets in the way of pony time, doesn’t it?!
    I’m impressed the cube gets such decent footage! It’s so tiny!


    1. The cube is really a nice little inexpensive option for getting video. And it’s brainless to set up. I’m pretty happy with it. I think recording sound can be an issue, but I don’t care if I have sound or not.


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