Weenie Wednesday: Last Gasp?

Please tell me what we have been experiencing here in Texas is Winter’s last gasp.

I layered up Conrad for our walk on Saturday. And once again on Sunday, it was too cold and wet to even bother leaving the house.

I think we will both be happier once we can do things outside without feeling physical pain (winter hurts me).

Not that we mind lounging.

2 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Last Gasp?

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    Done with it myself too. Gretch, Ollie, the horses all over it too! It was supposed to get to 40 today. um no. Not at all. Sun is out which is good but wind chill is atrocious.

    i am so cold every time i go out even with layers on….bah….done


  2. Winter decided it was time to show up in CT too. Snow and cold. Like a foot of snow. And then temps in the teens and twenties for high. Total BS. Spring needs to show up because I am not nearly as cute as Eli in my sweaters.


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