Actionable Items

One of the benefits of blogging is a growing collective experience of fellow horse people. (That’s probably a nasty trap, too.) So when I asked last week about a handful of products I was curious about, the response was incredibly helpful. And so I picked up a few new-to-Eli things.

The Limber Up spray came free with some other BoT stuff but I think I’m going to have to give it away, since it’s a spray. I want to try the foam, though.

I am also still working with Eli on his ground skills. We had an unquestionably avoidable situation in the round pen on Saturday where he spooked at something on his left and forgot where I was and he plowed into me with his right shoulder. I stayed on my feet but not without a little drama. The extra hilarious (in retrospect) part was he was foot-perfect under saddle after that. But I decided I needed better tools for ground work, so I ordered a cotton rope longe line and a converter strap so that I have a direct connection with Eli’s bit. On both sides.

Because we have had some success on the ground lately (notwithstanding Saturday *grumble*) I think I will be incorporating a little bit of it much more frequently as the days get longer and I have more light after work. I wanted to revisit the round pen asap, however, so on Sunday evening, we went right back to it. Eli didn’t put a foot wrong and didn’t spook in either direction. But it was miserably cold and windy, so I kept it short (even longeing him with his sheet on) and had no plans to ride. Only to stuff him with cookies!

And last, because Eli has responded well to the Myler with hooks, but I thought he’d enjoy one without hooks better, I began to consider ordering a custom one. And so as if on cue, guess what pops up from a favorite seller I follow on ebay?

even has sweet iron …

Presumably, I saved myself a few hundred bucks! The seller has another custom Myler that is super interesting to me, but it’s too big for Eli. Really cool-looking bit, though.

Due to sub-freezing temperatures and wind chills in the teens here, Eli is getting a break from work until Wednesday. This is really odd for March in Texas. We were set to have a fabulous bluebonnet & wildflower season and now any that have already bloomed are pretty much dead. Winter is so cheerful.

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  1. You might be able to put the Limber Up spray liquid in an empty foaming soap/handwash container and turn it into foam that way. A lot of those products will foam at least temporarily if encouraged!

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  2. Why don’t you like the spray? It looks interesting. Also, based on Nicole’s comment I didn’t realize that you could make things foam….. 🙂 I learn new stuff every day.


    1. I like the spray fine. My horse, however, recoils in mortal terror at anything touching him that comes out of a spray bottle. I have worked with him repeatedly on this with cookies, petting him, playing classical music … all to no avail. He’s 15 and is what he is, and this Eli package comes with fear of spray bottle contents touching him.


  3. I was in Dallas this past weekend for a “warm weekend” with the hubs and it was 40 and foggy and raining lolololol. I truly think that is the worst weather. It’s about 7 degrees in WI right now but the sun is out and I guess I’ll take that over damp and nearly freezing.

    Anyway. That bit looks interesting! It’ll be cool to hear how Eli likes it. Bits are so fascinating.


    1. Eli starts full body shaking/backing up/snorting/vocally nicker-protesting out of fear over the spray bottle stuff. It’s really pathetic, actually. I feel bad for him, because someone at some point must have beat him up about spray bottles (among a few other things).


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