I Have Questions

First, let me just point out that the Equine Couture Erna top is back in stock in navy and black. The mesh sleeves are such a sharp summery look, and the top is ridiculously soft and comfortable. The white one I have looks new after every wash. I am obsessed with the black one.

Okay, now for the questions. I have seen some horse grooming products lately that I would be interested in trying … were it not for the price. While I do think that ingenuitive people should be adequately compensated for their unique creations, I am also a public employee, therefore not that much of a big spender. So I wanted to ask if any of you have tried some of these products before maybe or maybe not trying them myself.

The first is the Strip Hair Gentle Groomer that I am sure we have all seen video ads for. And the video ads are impressive. So I clicked on one of those ad’s “shop now” links and … $40 for a glorified curry comb? Because that’s what it looks like to me. For comparison, though, Eli hates the SleekEZ, which is what has prompted my curiosity.

The next is Knotty Horse Apricot Oil detangler. I am always looking for an alternative to the Cowboy Magic detangler I usually use on Eli. When it’s warm enough outside for it not to be solid, I also use coconut oil on his tail, which is a pretty inexpensive option for Eli’s groom box. But I am curious about the Knotty Horse products, because “apricot” caught my eye. But $30 for 12oz? Is it magical apricot?

Last, this one actually might end up in the “add to cart” location soon enough. Whole Horse Equine makes fly spray wipes (among other things). Now, I love Enviro Equine’s fly spray wipes, but they are currently out of stock and also a little pricey. The Whole Horse Equine version is LESS and IN STOCK. Has anyone tried them? Do they get the job done?

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  1. On the hair removers it is just so hit or miss based on preference. Stampede hates the sleekEZ and those HandsOn gloves that so many like (other two horses don’t mind) but all three horses have liked the magic brush (although only Maestro is obsessed). Stampede prefers it more in a brushing motion but the other two horses like a good curry. I am concerned that it won’t work well for heavy shedding because hair can get stuck in it but we shall see. Otherwise Stampede is least offended by a plain old soft rubber mitt. Sometimes classic is just the best (and bonus for being cheap!).
    On the detangler – I had been using cowboy magic but a friend let me try her Carr & Day & Martin detangler and I had to go out and get my own. Spray it in the tail once and you can go at least a week where the tail brushes out easily. Seriously awesome. I need to get a second one for the boys at home.


      1. I love the Carr & Day & Martin Canter spray. Works super well. Cinder hates getting sprayed with stuff, but this has a different spray head and she tolerates it well.


      2. I would say it’s less greasy than Show Sheen but I haven’t used Show sheen in years anyways so I’m probably a bad person to compare. This stuff is a little sticky when you first spray it in but then it makes the tail so soft and easy to brush through. Give it a try!


  2. Hey there! I am the owner of WHE, and we do have the wipes in stock! Right now, since it’s our slow season, we’re offering free shipping.
    I hope you give our products a shot, I work very hard to make great products at the most reasonable prices.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at erin@wholehorseequine.com.


  3. The Strip Hair is basically a chunk of rubber stall mat, a friend of mine has one. She let me try it out and it does work but I would never pay $40 for it… Maybe $10? I need to just buy a stall mat, cut it in chunks, and quadruple my money haha


  4. Only have a comment on the detangler… I’ve ditched the equine-specific stuff and use human detangler. I like the SheaMoisture (I got it at Target I think) and I’ve used a Johnson’s baby one before too. Or even plain argan oil. Way cheaper.


    1. That’s the thing. I actually love just getting a tub of coconut oil for Eli’s tail. But it’s solid when it’s cold which makes it less easy in winter. I like the argan oil idea.


  5. I can only speak for the strip hair device… I don’t have one, but someone at my barn does. It’s just a chunk of rubber. If Eli doesn’t like the SleekEZ, it might be a suitable alternative, but I think for the cost, you could just as easily get one of the softer rubber curries or a mitt.


  6. I have 2 of the 3. The StripHair isn’t worth it, IMO. My hands work just as well if not better, but if you really want to use a chunk of rubber, cut a piece off of a stall mat. Done.

    The Apricot detangler is nice and smells good, but it doesn’t work any better or worse than literally any other detangler I’ve used. Honestly I think I have the sample size in my purse, remind me next happy hour and you can have it lol. I mostly just use the Epona spray in conditioner these days.


  7. I cannot speak about the hand mits as I know Biasini would hate them. He has lots of days when he will not tolerate anything resembling a curry. I have found a softish rubbery almost curry thing and he will go along with that. As for the fly wipes I will look into that as we are in a hideous fly season this year in Florida. The locals are all saying it is due to not having had any cold weather here this winter.


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