Weenie Wednesday: Go Away, Cold

Conrad and I made it to the park on Saturday, but it was too cold for me Sunday morning. I am ready for winter to be over.

Conrad kept his eye on a vulture while we walked to the park on Saturday.


He also keeps his eye on anyone else walking by in the neighborhood.

Nobody gets to walk by us without petting him. He is very insistent about that.


Then we sit for a while once we get home from a walk and eat breakfast.

8 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Go Away, Cold

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  1. Clyde and Bonnie were keeping an ‘eye’ on a possum last night. I finally had to intervene and bring them inside. Possum was doing what they do best-playing dead. They were convinced that it needed to wake up so they could bark and chase it some more. Extremely disgusted little dogs about an hour later when I let them back out and their ‘dead’ little friend had departed. Mom is just no fun at all.


  2. yes it was 69 on Weds here and now is a balmy 35 degrees (it was 45 when I got up so it is dropping) BRGHHH Gretchen has her sweater AND a coat on Ollie has his coat on. Crazy. I love the stripes too. I need to buy more outfits (even though I have a ton 🙂 HA! Stay warm Conrad (And you too)!


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