Weekend Rides

Miraculously, the weather has been a little more cooperative. Which, in turn, leads to Eli being a little more cooperative. We had a good lesson on Saturday, wherein we finally accomplished just jumping around and having some fun. There was A LOT going on, too — the wind increased as the morning progressed, and rigs were driving in and out of the farm property with more base for the turnout expansion project. Funnily enough, Eli had no concern for the wind or the trucks (I think I have mentioned before, wind really doesn’t bother him and I find that bizarre but I’ll take it). However, Ike the German Shepard was peacefully resting in the grass between the two arenas, gnawing on a water bottle. THAT was clearly A WOLF crunching on BONES of HORSES and Eli was NEXT. But multiple big ass rigs rattling over caliche barely warrants acknowledgement.

Eli got over the dog, thankfully, and we jumped around a short course a few times. I did insist on keeping Eli a bit collected and asked for 6 strides through a going 5, which was easily doable even if I could tell every time Eli was seeing the 5. We got 6 in there regardless each time, once with a very ugly bobble, but I think we’ll get that kind of thing ironed out quickly provided we can jump regularly. His canter has been feeling great under saddle over the past week and that makes getting to the fences so easy. My hope is this trend will continue.

On Sunday, we had a short, peaceful ride at sunset. I rode him in the Myler again, and I am still collecting my thoughts about it. The short version is, Eli has taken very well to it. I am not, however, sold on it for daily use.

Spending time at the barn on Sunday evening has become a favorite for me. I am mostly there by myself (although not quite but it’s quiet compared to other days). I am there without much of an agenda — just to hang out with Eli. Sometimes riding, sometimes ground work, sometimes just grooming. Always dispensing treats, though.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Rides

  1. I am so glad to know you are a person who believes in giving treats! I ride with a small pouch on my saddle filled with small treats. I give him one when I get on. My replace right hip will not swing up over the back of the saddle so I have to clamber on and he must stand while I do it. So he gets a treat. He also gets one at the end of the ride. Or if we are doing hard work like the piaffe or passage he gets a treat when we have finished that. And at the end of grooming its time for carrot stretches etc etc etc


    • Yes, that’s wonderful! I love the idea of an immediate reward for hard work. Can’t we all relate to that? Horses are so food-motivated, I think is a great way to build a working relationship with my horse. I can’t imagine not giving treats, unless of course Eli suddenly got very brazenly pushy about it, or if a horse has a diet-limiting condition. But otherwise, why not!

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  2. isnt it funny how certain things bother them and certain things not?? Horses…am I right? 🙂 Glad you have had some great rides and all is going well. It is def staying lighter at night YAY!


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