Current Tack Set Up

I have switched up what Eli goes in lately, partly in effort to help build up his back strength and partly because it’s freaking cold.

Eli wears many different things, and this is merely a fraction of Eli’s complete wardrobe. (I am going to talk about the CWD bridle and Myler snaffle in another post.)

The biggest change has been the saddle pads he’s wearing. I now use a Back on Track AP pad regularly, and switched to my Thinline half pad from the Ogilvy because the Ogilvy does not sit well on the Back on Track pad. I wish Ogilvy and Back on Track would team up to line the Oglivy baby pads with Welltex.

The sun may have been out on Monday, but I was chilled to the bone and Eli pretty much hates the cold. While I am sure some of you readers further to the north are wondering why the hell I’d use a quarter sheet when it’s 50F, just accept that I am a native Texan and total wuss when it comes to winter, and Eli is, too. He seems more comfortable wearing the quarter sheet than not when it’s chilly. I got this Amigo one last year on sale in a steel grey color with lime green piping. The outside is water resistant and the inside is a fleecy material that doesn’t seem very static-y. I’d buy the exact same one again in a heartbeat.

So it’s winter and the Thinline isn’t the only thing with sheepskin. I have multiple pairs of the Eskadron fetlock boots with sheepskin. Eli doesn’t walk like a rooster in them. So there’s that. I have also been using the Professional’s Choice girth that is washable and you can remove the sheepskin portion to hand wash that separately. Another concession to Eli’s comfort. Sheepskin is basically nature’s memory foam and it’s breathable.

What’s on his face? The Cashel fly mask, and he is also wearing a bonnet a lot with it. Warm ears protected from wind, and eyes protected from wind and glare. Perhaps I should call all of this my sensory deprivation set up …

I am sticking with jumping Eli in the Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS for now, and that one is on his Pessoa hunter bridle. I also now ride Eli regularly in his Edgewood standing (that I found used for $50 and it’s OS because Eli’s neck is that long).

Does your tack change from season to season? Or do you stick with the same thing year round?

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  1. Funnily enough a friend of mine and I were just talking about how if BoT ever teamed up with LeMieux our wallets would be in big trouble. Teaming up with Ogilvy would also be awesome.


  2. Hahaha, I just looked at the weather in TX because I’m going there for a weekend getaway pretty soon and was very happy to see mid-50s and even some 60s in the forecast! That’ll feel so nice and warm coming from the upper Midwest!


  3. I’ve been chugging down the back on track kool aid this year, and I just wish I could get everything lined with it. I’ve been using their baby pad on Eros, and that seems to make him happy. Wish they would make it in green!
    I have two butt cape options from back on track, and I think the Loin Cover is my favorite of the two.


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