Weenie Wednesday: Mood

I have no idea how many of you watched Westminster, but the dachshund most definitely won the popular vote!

Anyway, Conrad is getting very tired of taking antibiotics and wearing clothes in the house. I am hopeful we can spend a little extra outside time in the park on Saturday. We haven’t been since before Conrad’s surgeries, so we might start low-impact and drive to the park and just snuffle around the grassy areas.

Otherwise he’s pouting a lot …

18 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Mood

  1. Burns was ROBBED i tell you. ROBBED! I was screaming at the tv. I was pretty pissed off.

    NOW I Love a wire haired fox terrier but he did NOT have the brilliance that the dachshund had in that ring. And the Havenese too!

    Shoot I would have rather had the Sussex win. I was not happy. GRHHHHH and since I got up at 4 am yesterday the fact i stayed awake shows how much I was rooting for the dachshund! 🙂

    ANYHOO, hope Conrad gets back to his zoomies soon!! He is still my number # 1 dachshie 🙂 #conradfanclub


      1. i actually thought the whole best in show was one of the best I have seen in years (NO POODLES NO PEKINESES ETC) HA HA HA

        and would not have been unhappy really of any of them winning i just feel it is not fair the fox terriers win so much and the minute they said it was Peter Green I knew the terrier would win!!


          1. omg that is so true about the Best in Show groups over the years — at least this time there was a little more variety and some breeds that don’t usually win their groups.

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  2. I didn’t know the ins and outs – just that a dachshund actually won in Westminster (looks like popular vote and now I’m disappointed cause it said it won the hound group so ugh). Choco does that too! Half in half out of her blanket lol


  3. I am never able to pick the winning dogs for dog shows because what I think is the best is rarely even in the top three, ha! Also, poor pouty boy. It will be better soon!


      1. I always root for the rough coated weanie because I think Wynston must be from the rough coated version of weanies, the Irish wolf hound because I think their faces look exactly like Wynston, and the rat terrier because my last dog was a rattie.


  4. I missed it on tv this year, but I did hear there was a bit of an uproar. What a bummer for the weenie! I know nothing of dog judging, but I do enjoy watching.
    I hope you and Conrad get to have some fun at the park this weekend!


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