Blanket of Choice

I tried stuff on Eli over the weekend, and ultimately selected The Northwind Medium Weight Turnout Blanket and the Riders Supreme Turnout Sheet.

I went ahead and ordered the Northwind because it was $99 at the time I placed the order. Plus Dover offers free returns on sized-items. The Riders sheet is still on sale for $79. Eli’s old blanket is a Northwind and it pretty much held up for 4 years and is still in useable condition, it just doesn’t fit Eli too well anymore. It has had a number of repairs over the years, but it is totally still serviceable so I “donated” it to the barn for use on a lesson horse or any horse who needs one, really.

I ordered both the blanket and the sheet in size 80, and the fit is MUCH better on Eli. He’s narrow but long. Hat tip to a friend for recommending I look at the Rider’s sheet!

I ruled out the Pessoa because those plaids in person were way too much. I also thought the Devlyn with its 300 grams of fill would be overkill in Texas, especially because I can just layer Eli’s cotton sheet under the blanket for really chilly weather.

Which we had over the weekend. I am very grumbly about that. But guess what? With the new blanket on over his stable sheet, Eli stayed warm and comfortable and nothing shifted even through turnout.

And last, Sunday evening was still pretty miserable but I had some light left after work and it seemed like a good time to work with Eli in the round pen a little more. I was able to work with him on a line IN A HALTER and he was extremely attentive to voice commands. So he got some brief, good exercise and I was home in time for dinner at a decent hour.

Not the best weekend, weather-wise, but it wasn’t a total washout!

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