Who’ll Stop the Rain

I finally just said “f u weather” last night and powered through a longe in sideways drizzle. Eli responds to voice commands pretty well now, and although I knew he was completely irritated with getting wet, I was glad to have got him moving and exercising.

His is still struggling with feeling relaxed in the dark. He heard some far off dogs and spun & parked, eyes bulging, ears that could compete with lightning rods … I just walked back over to him and stroked his neck until his heart stopped pounding. He really just wants to eat hay in the safety of his stall at night, I guess. The forecast looks about the same for today, although I would prefer riding if the drizzle isn’t too bad at the barn this evening.

I also have some good news about Conrad — the biopsy confirmed the mass was a lipoma, so nothing truly weird going on. He gets his stitches out on Thursday, hopefully.

He has to wear teeshirts all day so he can’t scratch at his sutures. He doesn’t really like to wear clothes in the house but a popped stitch or staple would not be good!

5 thoughts on “Who’ll Stop the Rain

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  1. So how Eli is in the dark and rain out in the ring is how my guys act all the time UGH. So sick of them being so nervous. Glad you got a lunge even in the rain and glad Conrad’s lumpys was a lipoma! YAY.


  2. Jamp has always been terrible to work in the dark. He’s kind of bad in general, but definitely worse in the dark.
    Glad Conrad got some good news! He looks awfully cute in the t-shirts even if he doesn’t really like them.


  3. Nothing like a cold dark rainy night for some fun work – NOT. I wish it would just get things over with and rain already. Or not. BUT PICK ONE!!!


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