He *Does* Know What “Whoa” Means

There will certainly be more Conrad updates, but let’s interrupt that show to talk about my other fur child. Eli and I are still on the not-really-ideal one to two rides per week schedule due to weather or work or both. And haven’t we jumped in 8,000 years. However, I did get to ride him on Thursday. AND Saturday. AND Sunday. Thursday was so-so. Saturday was perfect. Sunday was interesting.

Once again, I wound up at the barn as the sun was setting on Sunday, so the back drop was pretty if nothing else. But there is something else. It had rained Saturday night, so the turnouts were not useable. The footing, however, was like perfect fluffy clouds by Sunday evening. I knew Eli would definetly be tense and too energetic if I didn’t let him either go roll in the round pen or set him on the longe for a bit. I ruled out the round pen because it was getting dark pretty quickly so we headed up to longe.

He walked politely until I told him to trot, and he actually came back down to a walk and halted when I said “whoa” a few times. Both directions! Progress! I avoided asking for the canter until I was actually on him, and he cantered very politely, considering the amount of energy I could feel he had in him. Like, huh. My horse is all trained and stuff.

I did keep the ride short so I could get back to Conrad and watch Victoria on PBS. (Honestly if I record shows I never get around to watching them.)

QOTD: Would you wear white breeches just for fun? AOTD: Totally!

I am hoping for a warm enough day some time soon so I can give Eli a shampoo bath. He’s really not too bad because of almost daily grooming, but I think a bath might help with some itchiness he’s got going on right now from winter blanket life.

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