Conrad Update!

Conrad’s surgeries went well! One of the masses removed has been sent for biopsy, but otherwise he is doing well so far. He just ate some dinner, too.

After I dropped him off this morning, I NEEDED breakfast tacos.

I sat at work low key freaking out, but the vet’s office called before noon to say everything was ok.

Although Conrad must be very tired and ouchy. He has a lot of staples. I may or may not count them later.

Luckily he does not need to be confined to a crate and he jumped on to the furniture before I could stop him once we got home. He goes back in 2 weeks to remove the staples.

I am not going to the barn tonight, but I did ride Eli last night.

He was a spazz. Big shock, lemme tellya.

But I know when it’s not night and coyotes aren’t howling he’s perfectly wonderful to ride still. He gets his teeth done on the 4th. Vet bills are very much a monthly part of my life. As is true for any of us with fur kids!

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  1. I’ve had a lot of staples after a couple of surgeries. Surprisingly they are not annoying or painful until healing sets in and then they can be a bit itchy. I wish Conrad all the best and I hope you will keep us updated.


  2. Aww poor little guy!! He looks like he’s handling it well, my weiner mix acts *SO* pitiful after even a minor surgery, I can’t imagine what he would be like after that. Fingers crossed for good healing and a benign report on the mass!


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