Weenie Wednesday: Walkeez

Conrad loves to walk to the park on the weekends, as y’all know. While my cutoff temperature for both walking the dog and riding the horse is freezing, Conrad and I did make it up to the park on Saturday and on Monday. (Sunday morning was 28F. No walkeez.)

On Saturday, it was EXTREMELY windy, even in the morning.

Conrad “ran” THE WHOLE TIME. He was wild? Or regretting his life choices? Just trying to stay warm?

Monday was much more pleasant and he ran some even then.

He’s … so … fast? Note how we get to a street drain and he wants to dive into it.

Conrad’s surgery is on Friday. I have apprehension about it. If everything goes well, he will be restricted from a lot of activity for two weeks until he gets his stitches out. He is not a very active dog at home so I am hoping it will not be too difficult to keep him quiet. And hopefully the time will go by quickly for him and he can walk up to the park again soon! Maybe February will be less windy?

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