Winter Eli and Work Pants

When I have been able to ride Eli, he has been tense and reactive. Although to be honest, it’s mostly from not being able to ride him very much due to, you guessed it, weather and work. This is typical Winter Eli.

Yesterday evening, Winter Eli was in full force. The drizzle wasn’t helping. Started off very fresh but okay. I even said “rideable.” Spoke too soon. Another horse came up the hill into the arena. Which he spooked at. He kept spooking. When I asked for a canter again, I am not sure how to describe the reaction I got, other than hopping and flailing. It wasn’t a canter, either way. Then, from a halt, he did a rear-y, leap-y move. I gave up. He had to still work, but I couldn’t even be a human longe line this time. At least not safely, I don’t think.

I went back down to the barn to get a longe line from my tack trunk, knowing full well Eli is not the best horse to put on a longe line, but he clearly need to let off some of this radioactive steam. As we were walking back up the hill to the arena, he spooked again, almost jumping on top of me. What spooked him? A horse landing off of a jump. He’s not always very bright.

not slow-witted, just … prone to panic attacks?

But by some miracle, Eli seems to have absorbed our brief and sporadic ground work in the round pen and was actually listening to my voice, instead of taking off on the line whilst kicking out and squealing. Huge trot, but he was not ignoring me. I was happily shocked. Then I asked for canter — there were many bucks and bursts of energy, but he did come back down to a walk after that. We did some walking and trotting on the line the other direction, and he was extremely polite about it.

Poor guy just had too much extra energy, and no small amount of stiffness, especially in his lumbar region. I got back on and finished with a mostly civilized right lead canter. Eli felt much less tense.

Even though it was, on its face, not the best ride we’ve had, I felt so proud of Eli last night. I thought for sure he’d take off and flatten out so fast that he’d slip and fall, as he has done at least twice before on the longe line. But he was listening to me. Bucking, yes, but he needed to. He wasn’t just panicking. I gave him an apple and many treats after that. He liked the Stud Muffins so much I bought the 90oz bag and have since subscribed to it on Amazon. Is it weird to be proud of a horse not freaking out on a longe line? Yes. I have used that as a tool with many other horses without incident. It’s nice to know maybe Eli can be counted in that group now.

We’ll be much happier in warmer weather, though.

As a completely non sequitur aside, I think I may have found the most comfortable work pants ever. Any of you with desk jobs, I am telling you, it’s like I am wearing pajama pants but they look like work pants. And they have pockets!

Being an Amazon addict, that is where I found them.

The Bamans yoga work pants, under $25, still look professional, and POCKETS. I could sleep in these. For reference, I wear a women’s US size 6 in pants, and based on the brand’s size chart, I got the large for a good fit — not too tight but still fitted. They are very stretchy, so there is definitely room to go down a size, but then I thought they’d look too much like yoga pants to wear to work. They hit right at my ankle bone, and I am 5’6″. I am going to need a grey pair next, I think.


12 thoughts on “Winter Eli and Work Pants

  1. So glad your horse has lost his marbles too. What? I want company in my misery 🙂 HA! Glad Eli held it together. Poor Eli, horses are scary right? At least it was something he saw, mine just shy or spook at NOTHING out there at all. SMH

    Those pants are cute BUT if a large is size 6 i would need three larges (HA) to fit me!! I need to get some work attire at some point. jeans and sweats and yoga pants are fine for WFH but when I actually go places,I should look more put together! And you totally need the grey pair too!


    • Okay, well, it is questionable how many marbles Eli had to begin with … like this is normal Winter Eli stuff lol I was just so glad he held his shit together enough NOT to fall over. He was definitely spooking at pretty obvious stuff, just not stuff Summer Eli would spook at.

      That is the thing about cheap amazon clothes — a lot of them use Asian sizing so I have to buy larges or x-larges for stuff to fit. You might look at the Rekucci pants on amazon — also comfy but a little more substantial and much broader range of sizes. Like Betabrand pants idea but less than half the price.


  2. Good boy Eli! Sometimes they just need to get that stuff out before they can do the thing. Even if the thing isn’t much. Glad he’s learning to listen to you on the lunge. It definitely makes life a lot easier!


    • I was SUPER stoked that when I said whoa he actually mostly slowed down. That is huge progress for him on a longe line. I don’t know what happened to him to make him so difficult to longe safely but we’re getting there. He has never pulled, at least. Like he stays on that circle, just tries to run like a racehorse. Like, Eli, please, your joints, don’t …


  3. Work pants!!!! I was just thinking I need to stop wearing the same 3 pairs of pants each week (btw, there are 5 work days a week). And I do have some Amazon credit…..
    Also, yay Eli, way to keep your brain on while expelling excess energy.


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