Weenie Wednesday: Check Up

Conrad went back to the vet on Monday, for his senior wellness check up, vaccinations, and a reassessment of two (possibly lipomas) growths  — one on his belly and one behind his right shoulder.

His check up went well and he is in good health! He does get stressed at the vet, but other than that he had normal blood work. After discussing the growths with his vet again, I decided to go ahead and have them surgically removed. He is scheduled for surgery and a dental cleaning on the 25th.


I am trying not to be too apprehensive about the surgery. I bought a soft crate, since Conrad will have to rest quietly for about two weeks. I can’t figure out how to get the frame of it assembled, so it might go back and I’ll try a different approach. Conrad is so used to going up and down stairs and jumping on the furniture — he will probably feel extremely inconvenienced at not being able to do that!

12 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Check Up

  1. aww conrad! I am glad they can remove them. The ones Alfie (my old schnauzer) had were not removable. 😦

    Also Ollie needs a dental this year. UGH. I am so scared since he despises the vet.

    Hope Conrad does fine. One thing might be better for keeping him quiet is the playpen type enclosure? You can make it smaller and larger as needed.

    How old is Conrad??


    • I am looking at those playpens, too! I don’t think he will be hard to keep quiet for the most part, but I do want to prevent him from tackling the stairs too soon, or jumping up on furniture on his own.

      He’s like around 9.

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  2. Good vibes for a smooth surgery and recovery. Thule had to be confined for a month+ with no stairs or couch jumping. The first week she didn’t feel great so she wasn’t bummed about it. But after that it was a battle to keep her in her X-pen (she escaped somehow WITH her cone on and no trace of an open gate) and off the couch. Good luck with that 🙂


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