A Break in the Weather

hey that’s not mud!

Things have finally dried out enough around here that I was able to ride my horse TWO WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW. Eli was slightly fresh both days, but not too unmanageable.

two rides in a row meant two spectacular sunsets in a row
not gonna lie, there was some spooking at life

Last night, especially, the left lead canter showed up as a flashing neon WEAKNESS.

he tries

Ugh. Sorry, Eli. So we have that to get sorted out in our flat work.

got some more of those $24 shirts from amazon for xmas and I am still obsessed

Maybe if I can actually ride him 3 or 4 days in a row, we will. My hope is that he can come back into decent flat work quickly. Maybe we will even get to jump a little this weekend?

*actual* sweat marks from the saddle

The other monkey wrench in the works is my job, which will require me to work some late and a handful of very late nights, starting today. Not super excited about that. I am not sure that I will be able to ride tonight, which will be a disappointment if I can’t, but hopefully I can ride on Wednesday and Thursday.

11 thoughts on “A Break in the Weather

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  1. ugh two days in a row how lucky you are 🙂 he still looks great even if he was looky 🙂 HA HA HA

    we have a GLORIOUS day today like 60s and sunny and no wind. MUD is up to my ankles still ugh. Remus is doing minilaps in the dry spot up in the field because he can’t even deal with how nice this weather is. 🙂
    Hope work settles down for you! and you get to ride more!


  2. Glad you’re finally back in the saddle! Super lame about work. Figures, doesn’t it? Hopefully it’s not as late as you fear, and you’ll get some more rides in.
    Still loving that sparkly helmet!


    1. Well the late is part of the regular schedule unfortunately but it’s not every day at least! (I work for the state legislature and today was their first day of session so we have extended hours until the end of May)

      I am so obsessed with the sparkliness! At least one other boarder is extremely motivated about getting one lol


  3. Boo, work. Glad you got 2 days in a row at least!

    And tell me more about these $24 shirts….I have skipped ahead in posts so I can call myself “Caught up” but clearly, I missed something important.


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