Christmas Review II & Leg Update

I think Eli’s RH has had enough rest and treatment that I am not so worried about it anymore. The swelling gradually went down to almost nothing. And of course once the swelling went down, I was able to find a tiny nick in the area from where the swelling seemed to originate.

Seems normal enough, anyhow. I can’t truly determine whether Eli is sound or not because we have had MORE rain. The one day I was able to ride him, I forgot my tall boots at home. I wound up riding in muck boots. Which is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Seriously, anyone who rides in these things, please tell me how you have any contact at all??? My leg was sliding around INSIDE the boot. And there was zero ankle support. I gave up trying to post so we just walked and cantered. Even the 2-point was iffy, but I was not about to sit down on Eli that day. Eli was fresh and forward of course, but his canter was very polite considering the circumstances.

Trying to ride in muck boots was a good reminder of how impossible it is for me to ride off of balance in the stirrup irons. I rely almost completely on my leg to stay in the tack. Not necessarily just the lower leg, but without any kind of grip … it wasn’t a good feeling. No close contact feel whatsoever. Perhaps on a less sensitive horse I could have used a little more strength in my lower leg, but I wasn’t about to do that on Eli.

The good news is he didn’t act like anything was hurting while we cantered, so I will call it sound in the canter …? It rained all day yesterday so I’ll have to wait to see how his trot really feels. (He jogged sound in the barn aisle so I’m not flying blind or anything.) Oh, and back to those circumstances while I was riding … I am so proud of (and baffled by) Eli for this! Right as I got up to the arena and started walking around, and large dumptruck came in with a load of gravel/sand/dirt/not sure. The driveway goes past the arena and was dumping the load just to the side of the arena. First the truck lifted the cloth top and rolled it in, then the truck had to turn around and back in to dump the gravel. Then the truck dumped the load, which involved pneumatics and other such disturbing noises. ELI DID NOTHING. He did not give a shit at all. He’d been off for a week with limited turnout due to whether, and he could not have cared less about the truck. Did not react to the noise whatsoever. I was like … are you sick, buddy???? He had plenty of energy at the canter, so no, not sick, lol. Who IS this horse with an actual brain sometimes?


The truck was to our left at the top of the hill in this picture and Eli was far more concerned about the horses who live outside. That have been there for months now. And were just standing around. I kind of think he might want to live in one of those, but then would promptly regret that at night.

It was also cold enough that day that I used Eli’s quarter sheet for the first time. I think he appreciated that, too.

Now onto Eli’s Christmas present!!


Oh lort, y’all. He looks so cute in green. I struggled with choosing whether to get the green or the burgundy. I think the green wound up being the right choice. I have to say, too, that I am extremely impressed with the fit of the Back on Track mesh sheet. It is now the best-fitting of all of Eli’s clothes. My plan it to use it as a cooler on cold days for now, to build up that acclimation that BoT suggests. It’s so pretty, I am not sure if I can bring myself to letting Eli wear it overnight, but maybe we’ll get there. I had it on him yesterday for about an hour while I was hand walking him, and he was licking and chewing once we got back to the cross-ties. So maybe he likes it? Or maybe he likes the Stud Muffins? OH, that’s another thing. I am switching Eli’s regular treats from Mrs. Pastures to Stud Muffins. Primarily because Stud Muffins have flax seed oil in them, and secondarily because I think Eli is starting to have a hard time with crunchy treats. That second reason could be my imagination, though. I can also get Stud Muffins as a subscribe and save item via Amazon, which is very convenient for me.

Perfect fit!

Anyway, back to the Back on Track — they were still doing a holiday deal when I ordered, so I got a pair of navy Quick Wraps and the Limber Up spray. Since it’s a spray I might just give it away because you know Eli and sprays. Can’t happen. Much to my annoyance, but some battles are too stressful, especially when there are simple alternatives. The Quick Wraps I can definitely use, though. I am bribing a working student to put them on Eli’s hinds on weekday afternoons, and I can take them off once I get to the barn, which is usually 7pm or later. I can do it myself today and tomorrow because of the holiday, though!

Don’t talk to me about Wednesday’s forecast here. It’s too sad for me.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Review II & Leg Update

  1. torrential rain and wind here and omg so much mud. Sob. I am glad you got to ride him even if it was in casual boots 🙂 And glad Eli kept his shit together with the dump truck. 🙂

    That green looks great on him. The way Remus treats his clothes I would never ever put it on him ( the BOT sheet). He is horrible to them…..It is like he gets an award for the dirtier that he can make his blankets.

    I am glad Eli seems to like the BOT sheet though. Glad his leg healed up. Stay dry if you can. I really can’t remember what it is like to have ground that doesn’t squelch when you walk over it. UGH


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