Weenie Wednesday: Christmas Review I

Conrad is obviously the star of this show! We went on SO MANY WALKS over my time off of work for the holidays.

We walked in the park. We walked in the bike park. We walked by the creek.

Conrad knew it was a special time of year. Every time he heard tissue paper, he looked at me as if to ask, are we opening presents NOW? He was very excited when he finally got to open some on Christmas Eve!

Opening presents from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Opening more presents from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Conrad got some toys and an extremely adorable new sweater! He got some treats, too, of course.

He showed off his new sweater during our walk on Christmas morning. Not too many people out walking then, but a couple stopped to pet Conrad and tell him how handsome he looked, at his own insistence as usual — he has no sense of caution around strangers.

One of the toys Conrad got was a Nylabone Antler Alternative that you may have spotted in one of the videos. He LOVES it. I gave him an actual antler once … I was told they were impossible to chew up. Well, Conrad SPLINTERED it in a matter of minutes. This is a much safer chew for him!

And of course I got some Christmas goodies, too, some of which came in the form of cash and Amazon gift cards.  With my work environment about to be populated by suits, our dress code kicks up a notch and I have to wear slightly more professional attire. So I got some shoes! TWO pairs of Sam Edelman Ludlow slingbacks. I have no idea how Amazon pricing works, but I got one pair for $28 and the other for $38. I think it just depends on your size, your color, and what Amazon knows about you in order to lure you with a particular price point. (The $28 pair was $35 today. See what I mean?)

I am also going to try a new brand of work pants, mainly because all of my work pants are dry clean only or damn near worn out. While Betabrand is an interesting idea to me, the price for one pair is not. I mean, they aren’t breeches. Amazon has what looks like a reasonable alternative — Rekucci Ease Into Comfort Boot Cut pants in a zillion colors. I ordered the dark charcoal and if I hate them, Amazon returns are easy.

Don’t worry — there are also horse Christmas gifts to go over! You just have to wait until next week (because they should be delivered on Saturday). I also got in on the GIF name game Hillary started with her new boy! The results were … spooky accurate. I’ll post the good GIFs tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even have a positive ding update by Monday — you never know with Eli.


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